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 Rounded Rectangle: 'Once you decide to do the right thing, you need help learning how to do it. Who knows how to live clean and sober, working, and being in a family after being on drugs and in prison for so many years.  Span stuck with me.”       Anthony (4 years in, 3 years out)

    Span, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt corporation based in Boston dedicated to assisting people who have been in prison to address the issues that brought them to prison.

    Our mission is to assist people who are or have been in prison to achieve healthy, productive and meaningful lives.

    We believe that breaking the cycles of addiction, unemployment, crime, and imprisonment benefits everyone - victims, offenders, families, and communities. By treating our clients with dignity and respect and by encouraging them to take advantage of the life-changing tools we offer, we are fulfilling our duty to help these men and women who are in need to rebuild their lives.